The Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment

LXQt 1.1.0 Preview

What can be expected in the next LQXt release, coming in spring? Here some highlights. Together with some bugfixes and more translations done we are quite happy to have achieved already quite a few improvements - hopefully there will be some more.


  • “Recent files” in menu “File”
  • Clicking “Show in Folder” from the browser’s download menu the downloaded file is already selected.


  • Improved bookmarks: Editing all bookmarks (no hardcoded ones anymore), fixed filtering
  • Important bugfixes for both dropdown terminal and QTerminal


  • More compact configuration dialog, better for low resolution screens

Panel Settings

  • Desktop names are shown in “Move to desktop …” in taskbar menu
  • 3 new battery icons (showing also load percentage); tooltip shows also remaining time

Powermanagement Settings: Battery Icon Settings

Session Settings

  • Added an option for global screen scaling

Notifications Settings

  • Improved ordering in settings dialog

notification settings

Qt6 Coming

  • Integration of the appearance of applications in Qt6: icons, font, colors and filedialog
  • The port of parts of LXQt to Qt6 is on the way.


  • Some default palettes will be preconfigured
  • Improved default “Vanilla” layout
  • A common directory for all theme wallpapers with some new wallpapers.



Backend implementation of xdg-desktop-portal (currently only org.freedesktop.portal.FileChooser API) is ready for releasing!

A portal frontend service for Flatpak and possibly other desktop containment frameworks. xdg-desktop-portal works by exposing a series of D-Bus interfaces known as portals under a well-known name (org.freedesktop.portal.Desktop) and object path (/org/freedesktop/portal/desktop). The portal interfaces include APIs for file access, opening URIs, printing and others.

That’s it for the moment. Anything you would like to have in a future LXQt version? Feel free to open a feature request. And last but not least: we accept contributions!