The Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment


Migration to lxqt-menu-data

A relic from older times was the dependency of lxmenu-data for parts of the menus used in the “Applications menu” of the panel, in the LXQt Configuration Center and in PCManFm-Qt. This dependency is now replaced by lxqt-menu-data, concentrating all menu related files in one place, removing also a duplicate for LXQt Settings.

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Qps Revisited

The LXQt process manager Qps has a quite ancient code basis and some features (like a watchdog and command executing) were planned but never realized and Qt has evolved much since too. So it was time to clean up the code a little bit and give some love to the history graph and it’s tooltips which didn’t display any useful information.

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About Modules in LXQt

LXQt is always described as “lightweight and modular” - let’s look a little bit closer at the second part. This screen is familiar, where users can choose which parts to run always on startup, or can stop a component:

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QTerminal Bookmarks reloaded

QTerminal had always had a quite unique “bookmarks” feature but the setup was not very intuitive: the file had to be created first, it had a hardcoded section containing not very useful bookmarks, filtering was not working and so on. Probably few users used it, as some issue were never reported.

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LXQt 1.1.0 Preview

What can be expected in the next LQXt release, coming in spring? Here some highlights. Together with some bugfixes and more translations done we are quite happy to have achieved already quite a few improvements - hopefully there will be some more.

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Welcome to the LXQt Blog!

We’re happy to start this blog in our website which until now was mostly only about release announcements. We’ll share here news, howtos, tipps&tricks and other things around LXQt.

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