The Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment


Some LXQt themes with different configurations.
The settings of LXQt-Panel, Desktop and Appearance offer many possibilities for individual customizations. More information about theming can be found in the LXQt Wiki.

  1. LXQt Ambiance

    The LXQt Ambiance theme
  2. Arch Colors & dark palette

    The Arch Colors Theme
  3. LXQt Clearlooks

    The Clearlooks Theme
  4. LXQt Dark

    The LXQt Dark theme
  5. LXQt Kvantum

    The Kvantum Theme
  6. LXQt Leech

    The LXQt Leech theme with process viewer Qps
  7. LXQt Light

    The LXQt Light theme with panel as dock
  8. Plasma Theme

    The KDE Plasma theme
  9. LXQt Silver

    The Silver Theme

Application Screenshots

Filemanager PcManFM-Qt

  1. Applications, Split view

    Applications, Split view
  2. Detailed list, Settings

    Detailed list and Settings
  3. Filter bar, Tooltips

    Filter bar, Tooltips

Other Applications

  1. QTerminal

  2. QTerminal DropDown

    qterminal dropdown
  3. LXimage-Qt

  4. LXQt-Archiver

    LXQt Archiver
  5. Qps Process Viewer

    Qps Process Viewer
  6. ScreenGrab

    ScreenGrab (screenshot utility)