The Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment

  1. LXQt Ambiance

    The LXQt Ambiance theme
  2. Arch Colors & dark palette

    The Arch Colors Theme
  3. LXQt Clearlooks

    The Clearlooks Theme
  4. LXQt Dark

    The LXQt Dark theme
  5. LXQt Kvantum

    The Kvantum Theme
  6. LXQt Leech

    The LXQt Leech theme with process viewer Qps
  7. LXQt Light

    The LXQt Light theme with panel as dock

About Modules in LXQt

LXQt is always described as “lightweight and modular” - let’s look a little bit closer at the second part. This screen is familiar, where users can choose which parts to run always on startup, or can stop a component:


Point release libqtxdg 3.9.1

The LXQt Team announces a point release of libqtxdg 3.9.1.
This makes it possible to have Qt5 and Qt6 installations of libqtxdg alongside each other in near future.