The Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment

Wayland FAQ

As LXQt 2.0 has been released and includes Wayland-specific codes for the first time, here is a short Q&A about that.

Will LXQt 2.0 be full ready for Wayland?

Not yet, wayland will be the main target for LXQt 2.1 in autumn as Qt6 was the target for LXQt 2.0.

So which elements are fully working on wayland?

  • Desktop
  • Runner
  • Notifications
  • Panel(s) except some plugins
  • Logout (kwin/labwc 0.7.2)
  • All LXQt settings and applications except…

What is missing then?

  • Taskbar, showdesktop and Desktopswitch plugins in panel (a working beta will be available soon in AUR/Git)
  • Keyboard indicator plugin
  • Some input settings
  • Power button settings
  • Screen locker settings
  • Monitor settings (wlroots)
  • Global shortcuts
  • ScreenGrab

But I need global shortcuts!

You can configure them in the compositor.

But I need a screen locker!

There is swaylock and others.

But I need monitor settings!

There is wldisplay and kanshi.

But I need a screenshot tool!

There are wshot as well as scripts for grim and slurp.

Which compositor is used?

Any wlroots-based compositor (including Labwc, Wayfire, Hyprland and Sway) should work, and kwin_wayland works really fine too.

Is there a recommended one?

If any then Labwc for its stability, snappiness, features and because it’s settings are very similar to openbox. But the choice is yours.

But it has no desktop effects!

There is kwin_wayland, Wayfire and Hyprland for you.

What are the requirements for running LXQt 2.0 on wayland?

Qt 6.6, kwindowsystem 6.x, layer-shell-qt 6.x.

I need only the panel, the desktop, the runner or the notifications.

LXQt is modular and users can use what they like, but probably you want to use lxqt-qtplugin and lxqt-appearance for styling.

I’ve a question which is not yet answered!

On the side panel here are listed all possibilities to ask them.