The Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment

Release lxqt-build-tools 0.3.0, corresponding point releases

We would like to announce release 0.3.0, the second production release of lxqt-build-tools, as well as the first batch of point releases for those components maintained by the LXQt project which had to be adjusted to lxqt-build-tools.
These releases represent an effort to ease building and dependency management. They are not relevant for end-users.

Repository lxqt-build-tools is summarizing several tools which are needed to build LXQt as well as some of the other components maintained by the project like ComptonConf. These tools used to be spread over several other repositories and were now summarized in a single repository to ease building and dependency management. For details see file of the GitHub repository.

Adjusting to lxqt-build-tools was needed in:

All other components are depending on liblxqt which in turn is itself depending on lxqt-build-tools by now. All those adjustments were introduced in these components’ branch masterand will hence be included in their next minor release.

Todays batch contains: compton-conf, libsysstat, lxqt-common, lxqt-l10n, lxqt-qtplugin, obconf-qt, pavucontrol-qt.