The Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment

Release of lxqt-build-tools 0.3.2 and more

I would like to announce the 0.3.2 release of lxqt-build-tools. There are no changes in functionality but the package is now arch independent and meets the FHS standards. Further more 0.11.2 lxqt-common and 0.11.3 pcmanfm-qt will be released today. Both contain only small but important fixes that justify a point release.

In lxqt-common the dbus handling of startlxqt was fixed, in pcmanfm-qt the painting of backgrounds (QTBUG-54384) on hi-res screens.

With these releases we close the 0.11 release cycle and open the one for 0.12. In other words: Let’s break some things, happy hacking. Planned release goals are listed in the github project 0.12.0 Planned. Please feel free to add missed/needed things.