The Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment

Release LXQt 0.12.0

The LXQt team is proud to announce the release of LXQt 0.12.0, the Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment.

The LXQt team is working hard towards LXQt 1.0.0. Want to help us? Found any bugs? Please file bug reports and pull requests on our GitHub tracker:

The list of changes is also available in our CHANGELOG files.


  • New Open/Save File dialog -> Qt apps use the newly designed file dialog with all the features as provided by pcmanfm-qt
  • Support for icon themes with the FollowsColorScheme (KDE extension to XDG icon themes standard)
  • Better support for HDPI displays (using the Qt’s Qt::AA_UseHighDpiPixmaps)
  • All binaries now support the basic parameter handling (–help & –version)
  • Added LXQT_CONFIG_PATCH_VERSION to all packages - aka we are now able to make point releases and show the actual version of each package within the basic cli, not only that of liblxqt.
  • Code optimization - using const variables and iterators wherever possible to speed up LXQt and make it more robust in general
  • Dropped lxqt-common - the files are moved to the repositories of particular components, that they belong to
  • Created the new lxqt-themes component
  • Improved ending session for shutdown/reboot -> shutdown all LXQt components first and then let the job for init (systemd)

Notable changes in packages


  • lxqtpower: Allow disabling of lxqt-session provider
  • HtmlDelegate: Fix sizeHint() computation
  • Move LXQt version back to liblxqt
  • lxqtapplication: Avoid wrong unix signal handling


  • lxqt-admin-user: Check for duplicates from getgrent, getpwent
  • lxqt-admin-user: Fix saving the shell change


Dropped: With this release we drop lxqt-common, and all files are moved to the packages in which they best fit. The lxqt-themes portion was split out into the new package lxqt-theme. Please read the notes for packagers.


  • Use $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/mimeapps.list for mime data instead of $XDG_DATA_HOME/applications/mimeapps.list
  • appearance: Add icon FollowsColorScheme configuration
  • Show non-primary screens in UI


  • Fix eventual deadlock - don’t process keyPress when processing DBus call


  • Improvement for notification settings


  • Dialog helper based on the new file dialog of libfm-qt
  • Support symbolic SVG icons
  • Avoid using Qt-specific keywords such as signal/slot and foreach. Instead, use macros
  • Make Qt use the correct palette
  • Fix wheeelScrollLines
  • Fix multiple Status Notifier items
  • Other optimizations and fixes


  • lxqt-session: Provide reboot/powerOff methods
  • lxqt-leave: Fix “disabled items” key navigation


  • tray: Fix eventual icon duplication
  • Use worldclock by default instead of clock
  • Deprecate clock -> show deprecation message on startup/add
  • mainmenu: Optimize menu-cache usage
  • plugins: Make widgets/buttons use whole available space
  • mainmenu: Fix keyboard navigation for sub-menus (no matter how deep they are)
  • volume: Add notifications (configurable) for all volume changes


  • Add show particular count of items (configurable)
  • Make usage of history configurable


NEW: With this release we introduce the new package lxqt-themes, which was split out of the dropped lxqt-common.

Notes For Packagers

We introduce some fundamental changes with this release - mostly related to the removal of lxqt-common. The files from lxqt-common are moved to the packages in which they best fit – to make this transition smooth you will need to add some breaks/replaces in your packages to avoid package management complaints about files being in more than one package at the same time. Here is what works with Debian-based packaging:

  • compton-conf - Breaks/Replaces: lxqt-common (« 0.12.0)
  • lxqt-globalkeys - Breaks/Replaces: lxqt-common (« 0.12.0)
  • lxqt-notificationd - Breaks/Replaces: lxqt-common (« 0.12.0)
  • lxqt-policykit - Breaks/Replaces: lxqt-common (« 0.12.0)
  • lxqt-session - Breaks/Replaces: lxqt-common (« 0.12.0)
  • lxqt-themes - Breaks/Replaces: lxqt-common (« 0.12.0)
  • pcmanfm-qt - Breaks/Replaces: lxqt-common (« 0.12.0)

Please also be aware that lxqt-qtplugin needs to pickup a new dependency libfm-qt(-dev). lxqt-session should pick up lxqt-themes or lxqt-theme.

Important Note: lxqt-panel will need libqtxdg >= 3.1.0 at minimum so it would be a good idea to package that first.


We would like to thank all contributors who made this release possible!