The Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment

Release LXQt 0.16.0

The LXQt team is proud to announce the release of LXQt 0.16.0, the Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment.

The LXQt team is working towards LXQt 1.0.0. Want to help us? Found any bugs? Please file bug reports and pull requests on our GitHub tracker!

The release can be downloaded at Github.

The LXQt team announces the release of LXQt 0.16.0, the Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment.



  • Translation through Weblate is up and running again.

LibFM-Qt / PCManFM-Qt

  • Options are added for switching to newly opened tab and opening tabs of last window.
  • File sorting is made more natural by treating dot as separator (like what GTK does — other aspects of file sorting aren’t changed because Qt does them best).
  • Several options are added to LXQt file dialog. All options are remembered.
  • DND into Desktop trash and also moving Desktop files into Desktop folders by DND are fixed.
  • An option to allow desktop folders to be opened by the default file manager (which may not be PCManFM-Qt) when thy are left clicked.
  • Other enhancements and fixes.

LXQt Panel

  • Status Notifier supports customizable auto-hiding.
  • Task buttons can move windows to the next screen.
  • Main menu items have right-click menus for some actions.
  • The sizes and alignments of some plugins are fixed at startup.
  • An option is added for putting ungrouped task buttons of the same application next to each other.

LXQt Configuration

  • Qt palette customization is added to lxqt-config-appearance.
  • “Default Application” are added to lxqt-config-file-associations for setting the default web browser, file manager and email client.
  • The UI of lxqt-config-brightness is improved.
  • A crash is fixed in lxqt-config-monitor.

LXQt Configuration

  • Drag and drop of screens is improved and made easier in Monitor Settings.

LXQt Power Management

  • A Power keys section is added to the config dialog for customizing the actions of power, suspend and hibernation keys.

QTerminal / QTermWidget

  • Closing of tabs by middle-clicking is made optional.
  • An option is added for opening the new tab to the right of the active tab.
  • The drop-down QTerminal is always put on the screen with the cursor.

LXImage Qt

  • Images can be resized now.
  • Ambiguous shortcuts are prevented.
  • An action is added for copying file paths.
  • Start the app on the screen with the mouse cursor when opening images.
  • More image types are supported.

LXQt Archiver

  • Now, bsdtar (belonging to libarchive) is used to open and extract RPM packages correctly.


  • QtXdg MimeApps Tool (qtxdg-mat) is enhanced to support setting/getting of the default email client, file manager and web browser.
  • Fixes.

LXQt Desktop Notifications

  • An option is added for showing notifications on the screen with the mouse pointer.

PulseAudio Volume Control

  • Random crashes are fixed when connecting to Bluetooth audio devices.

LXQt Themes

  • Three themes are added: Clearlooks, Leech and Kvantum.

LXQt Session

  • The Default Applications page is removed because default applications are now handled by the File Associations dialog in a more efficient way.

Release Notes

  • Please see the release page of each LXQt component for its detailed release note.

Notes For Packagers