The Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment

Release libfm-qt 0.17.0

The LXQt team is proud to announce the release of libfm-qt 0.17.0. The release can be downloaded from Github.

Main changes:

  • Creation time is supported.
  • Multiple files that are associated with the same app are launched together.
  • A menu-item is added to the “Open With…” menu to open mixed selections with their default apps.
  • The size limit for thumbnail creation is fixed.
  • Blurred thumbnails with scale factors > 1 are fixed.
  • A Delete action is added to the context menu of a trashed file. Also, redundant items are removed from that menu.
  • The Group entry of Properties dialog is enabled when the file belongs to user.
  • A rare crash on emptying Trash is fixed.
  • The localization of LXQt file dialog is enabled.
  • An issue is fixed in renaming template files before creating them.
  • The emblem positions are corrected in compact and detailed views.
  • Sorting by deletion time is corrected inside Trash.
  • Other fixes and code cleanup.

A full list of changes is in the CHANGELOG file.