The Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment

Release LXQt 0.17.0

The LXQt team is proud to announce the release of LXQt 0.17.0, the Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment.

The LXQt team is working towards LXQt 1.0.0. Want to help us? Found any bugs? Please file bug reports and pull requests on our GitHub tracker!

The release can be downloaded at Github.

The LXQt team announces the release of LXQt 0.17.0, the Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment.



  • LXQt terminates all child processes on exiting the session. This allows non-LXQt apps to save their last settings at the session end and also prevents rare exit crashes in some of them.
  • Creation time is fully supported by the file manager.
  • SVG icon sets are handled more efficiently and independently.
  • LXQt Power Manager has separate idle watchers for AC and battery and also an option to disable them when the active window is fullscreen.
  • LXQt Panel has an option for behaving like a dock, i.e., auto-hiding only on overlapping a window.
  • Translations are completely done through Weblate and are constantly updated for all components.
  • GitHub’s Discussions section for LXQt is up and running. Asking questions, making suggestions and discussing ideas can be done most efficiently by using “Discussions”. Also, the “matrix-telegram-IRC” bridged messenger has become possible.

LibFM-Qt / PCManFM-Qt

  • The creation time is fully supported.
  • An item is added to Tools menus to activate Admin mode provided by GVFS — for transferring files beyond user permissions but without a root instance. (NOTE: Admin is broken in GVFS 1.48.0; it will be enabled automatically whenever its bug is fixed by GVFS devs.)
  • Launchers can be created from Tools menu (and not only on Desktop).
  • Better opening of a mixed selection of files that have different mime types.
  • Natural keyboard navigation on Desktop.
  • File size limits for thumbnail creation are activated.
  • Blurred thumbnails with scale factors > 1 are fixed.
  • The localization of LXQt file dialog is enabled.
  • Various enhancements and fixes.

LXQt Panel

  • An option is added to auto-hide a panel only when it overlaps a window.
  • A problem is fixed in changing of world clock’s time zone with mouse wheel.
  • The grouped task button popup is fixed in a special case.

QTerminal / QTermWidget

  • “Action after paste” is made clearer and its default is changed to “Scrolling to bottom”.
  • Added 5 modes for background images. NOTE: Since background images are drawn differently, manual reconfiguration may be needed; see docs/ for more details.
  • Added an option to disable bracketed paste mode.

LXQt Power Management

  • Idle watchers of AC and battery are separated from each other.
  • An option is added to disable idle watcher when the active window is fullscreen.

LXImage Qt

  • Fitting images on navigating is made optional.
  • Thumbnail options are added to Preferences dialog.

LXQt Archiver

  • Disk images can be opened or extracted.
  • Window settings are remembered.
  • The side-pane is made horizontally scrollable.


  • SVG icon sets are handled more completely and independently by using Qt’s SVG renderer.
  • XTerm is added as a runtime dependency.

LXQt Desktop Notifications

The notification summary is always handled as plain-text.

LXQt Session

  • All child processes are terminated at the session end.
  • Openbox configuration is removed for the sake of WM agnosticism.


Fixed a crash on showing Qps’ window if Qps is started minimized to tray.

Release Notes

Please see the release page of each LXQt component for its release note.

Notes For Packagers