The Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment

Release pcmanfm-qt 1.0.0

The LXQt team is proud to announce the release of pcmanfm-qt 1.0.0. The release can be downloaded from Github.

Main changes:

  • Added an option to make desktop items sticky by default.
  • Allowed the recursive customization of folders.
  • Prevented closing of file operation dialog on closing the main window.
  • Keep the custom position of a desktop item on inline renaming.
  • Added per-folder settings actions to the current tab’s context menu. Also, set the tab icon according to the customization, if any.
  • Added an action to remove settings of nonexistent folders.
  • Add a new tab on double clicking an empty space of the tab-bar.
  • Added an option to disable smooth scrolling in list and compact modes.
  • Disabled tab DND under Wayland (because of Wayland’s limitations).

A full list of changes is in the CHANGELOG file.