The Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment

Release libfm-qt 1.2.0

The LXQt team is proud to announce the release of libfm-qt 1.2.0. The release can be downloaded from Github.

Main changes:

  • Support adding of pattern lists to entries of search dialog (such lists are used by pcmanfm-qt for having a search history).
  • Fixed crash with empty URI scheme of folder path.
  • Silenced compilation warnings about deprecated GLib functions.
  • Don’t show a deletion prompt without a selection.
  • Fixed infinite loop if a symlink that is created by DND overwrites a non-empty directory.
  • Allow remembering the result of execution prompt for multiple files.
  • Added Ctrl+D to LXQt file dialog for deselecting all items.
  • Allow selection by dragging mouse cursor inside non-name columns in the detailed list mode.
  • Corrected the position of drop menu under Wayland.
  • Fixed crash with DND into side-pane under Wayland.
  • Added nullity checks to XdndWorkaround.

A full list of changes is in the CHANGELOG file.