The Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment

Release LXQt 1.3.0

The LXQt team announces the release of LXQt 1.3.0, the Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment.



  • LXQt 1.3.0 is still based on Qt 5.15, the last LTS version of Qt5. The Qt6 support was started (and is usable in WIP branches) but could not be released due to the lack of a stable KF6.
  • In LXQt’s file manager and its library, smooth scrolling can be switched for all view modes, minor issues of the Desktop mode are fixed, and handling of zero-sized files is improved.
  • QTerminal has received small bug fixes, especially for use under Wayland.
  • Support for doas has been added to lxqt-sudo.
  • In LXQt Session, the detection of window manager and system tray has been improved.
  • Translations have received many updates.
  • Other changes can be found in change logs of LXQt components.

LibFM-Qt / PCManFM-Qt

  • Prevented Desktop items from shaking on config changes.
  • Keep dragged and dropped items together on Desktop as far as possible.
  • Added a title for Desktop (for setting WM rules under some Wayland compositors).
  • Disabling of smooth scrolling is made possible for all view modes.
  • Opening of non-executable files that have executable types is fixed.
  • “New file” is used as the default name for new files (especially after GLib 2.75.1, that does not treat empty files as text/plain anymore).

LXQt Panel

  • DOM plugin is enabled in compilation by default.

QTerminal / QTermWidget

  • A problem is fixed in switching the color scheme between dark and light.
  • Correct positioning of the context menu is guaranteed under Wayland.

LXQt Session

  • Added support for procps-ng >= 4.0.0.
  • A better method for detecting window manager and system tray.
  • All potentially crashing calls are disabled on Wayland.

LXImage Qt

  • The app icon has been changed to SVG.

Release Notes

Please see the release page of each LXQt component for its release note.