The Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment

Release lxqt-panel 1.4.0

The LXQt team is proud to announce the release of lxqt-panel 1.4.0. The release can be downloaded from Github.

Main changes:

  • Use lxqt-menu-data instead of lxmenu-data.
  • Consider the WM2Urgency hint in task bar.
  • Fixed checking/clearing of urgency in task bar.
  • Fixed window cycling with mouse wheel and focus stealing prevention in task bar.
  • Removed unused non trivial variable from plugin-dom.
  • Ported away from deprecated Qt::MidButton.
  • Ported deprecated KWindowSystem methods to KX11Extras.
  • Added a clear button to the search bar of Add Plugins dialog.
  • Create dummy widget on unsupported platforms in desktop switch plugin (fixes crashing on Wayland).
  • Added parameter parsing to launched command of volume plugin.
  • Fixed the initial displayed volume with PulseAudio in volume plugin.
  • Fixed the tooltips of volume control under Wayland.
  • Added an option to show the output as an image in the custom command plugin.

A full list of changes is in the CHANGELOG file.