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Release qtermwidget 1.4.0

The LXQt team is proud to announce the release of qtermwidget 1.4.0 The release can be downloaded from Github.

Main changes:

  • TERM env variable set to xterm-256color when not set with QTermWidget::setEnvironment().
  • TERM env variable is set to xterm-256color when not set with QTermWidget::setEnvironment().
  • Add getForegroundProcessId() function to QTermWidget class (to allow terminal apps to check if the user has started a process in the shell and alert them).
  • Ported away from deprecated Qt::MidButton.
  • Added missing initialization of some variables.
  • Fixed mixing of bool and int.
  • Prefer ranged loop for over while.
  • Backported a kcoreaddons commit (1fed7e861f73a6ecbed79be4625afa52a5eaaf3b).
  • Replaced old-style cast with static_cast.
  • Properly initialize KProcess members.
  • Use Q_DECLARE_PRIVATE_D instead of custom Q_DECLARE_PRIVATE_MI (backport of kpty commit 3ef0d7d9ed980513fb36265e4d73fd79c07d5131).
  • Use class, not struct, for KPtyDevicePrivate for consistency (backport of kpty commit ad5cf9d348c13d3d27591a66fab9ccf20603daf8).
  • Use std::unique_ptr to manage the pimpl object.
  • Backported kpty commits 3526c09cae186bbba32bf3841cab5aa9d24d98b5, ae866fa6063c8d09ff354dc16f3fc8240676c64d and 982bb9e9fc715faae9ba440593ed0e74b8884888.
  • Use pointer to member function connect/disconnect signal/slot syntax.
  • Added const to some methods.
  • fixed deprecation warnings.
  • Mark assignment operator as deleted due to existence of copy constructor.
  • Removed useless sizeof() from qtermwidget/BlockArray.h.
  • Added Falcon colorscheme.
  • Cleaner builds.

A full list of changes is in the CHANGELOG file.