The Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment

Release LXQt 1.1.0

The LXQt team announces the release of LXQt 1.1.0, the Lightweight Qt Desktop Environment.



  • LXQt 1.1.0 depends on Qt 5.15, the last LTS version of Qt5. (Porting to Qt6 was started, but it needed a stable version of KF6.)
  • LXQt’s file manager now supports the file manager DBus interface, which is used by some apps (like Firefox and Chromium) that call the default file manager to show files inside folders or do other jobs. Also, the “Recent Files” item is added to the File menu. As usual, problems are fixed and functionalities are improved.
  • The new component xdg-desktop-portal-lxqt is added to LXQt, as a backend implementation for xdg-desktop-portal. When it is installed, some non-Qt apps like Firefox can be set up to use LXQt file dialog.
  • LXQt themes are improved. A new theme and several wallpapers are added. Also, matching Qt palettes are added for a fairly uniform look and feel with Qt widget styles like Fusion. They can be found and applied in LXQt Appearance Configuration → Widget Style → Qt Palette.
  • The bookmark functionality is improved a lot in QTerminal and several (old) issues in the drop-down mode are fixed.
  • In LXQt Panel, the legacy tray icons are now shown inside Status Notifier when the System Tray plugin is enabled. That removes the problem that the legacy System Tray had with auto-hiding panels.
  • Tray icons with the charge percentage inside them are added to LXQt Power Manager.
  • A simple option is added to LXQt Session Settings for the global screen scaling.
  • Translations have received many updates.
  • And other changes that can be found in change logs of LXQt components.

LibFM-Qt / PCManFM-Qt

  • org.freedesktop.FileManager1 is implemented, to be used by apps like Firefox and Chromium for calling PCManFM-Qt.
  • The “Recent Files” item is added to the File menu.
  • The “Open in Terminal” item is added to the top of folder context menu.
  • An issue is fixed in positioning of sticky items on Desktop.
  • DND and keyboard navigation are fixed on RTL desktops.
  • The behavior of the transient filter bar is changed, so that the first item whose name starts with the filter string is preselected. If it doesn’t exist, the first visible item will be preselected.
  • Fixed launching of apps in terminal emulators that do not have a special option for execution (like Kitty).
  • Miscellaneous fixes for search:///.
  • Moving of bookmarks in Bookmarks context menu is fixed and some icons are added to the menu.

LXQt Panel

  • Legacy tray icons are shown inside Status Notifier when the System Tray plugin is enabled.
  • Reset buttons are fixed in config dialogs.
  • Desktop names are shown in the context menus of task buttons.
  • The panel config dialog is split into 3 sections, for having a sleeker GUI.
  • Options are added for the button label and style of Directory Menu.
  • The clash between the main menu shortcut and the built-in shortcuts of the search entry is fixed.
  • Fixed resetting of System Statistics graph on auto-hiding panels.

QTerminal / QTermWidget

  • The bookmark functionality is improved a lot. An example bookmarks file is also added.
  • Several (old) issues in the drop-down mode are fixed.
  • A shortcut entry is added for the drop-down shortcut.
  • Problems are fixed in closing of the last tab with prompt.
  • Other fixes and enhancements.

LXQt Themes

  • New wallpapers are added and all wallpapers are put inside a single directory.
  • A new theme is added (Valendas).
  • Palettes that match some LXQt themes are added for a fairly uniform look and feel with Qt widget styles like Fusion.
  • Several fixes are made to all themes.

Note: Users of the KDE-Plasma theme have to reselect it due to the changed name.

LXQt Power Management

Three tray icons are added, with the charge percentage inside them. Now, the built-in tray icon can be circular or shaped like a battery.

LXQt Session

  • A simple option is added to LXQt Session Settings for global screen scaling.
  • The default LXQt theme is set to Clearlooks and the default icon theme is changed to Breeze.

LXQt Desktop Notifications

The configuration GUI is polished.

LXImage Qt

  • The maximized state (if any) is restored on un-fullscreening.
  • Fixed capturing an area of a screen that isn’t positioned at the top left.
  • The desktop file for taking screenshots is removed (the screenshot functionality is kept, but LXQt’s screenshot utility is Screengrab).

LXQt Configuration

  • A separate page for GTK style settings is added to LXQt Appearance Configuration.
  • Fixes and enhancements to LXQt Locale Configuration.


String literals are supported in Exec keys of desktop entries.

LXQt Archiver

  • The view icon size can be changed.
  • Sorting can be done by any column (but the items are always sorted by the first column at startup).


  • Several problems are fixed in calling external image editors/viewers or the default image application.
  • The blurry PNG icon of the app is replaced by an SVG icon.

Previews of some changes have been already published in the Blog here and here.

Release Notes

Please see the release page of each LXQt component for its release note.

Notes For Packagers

Please follow the build order.